The Game Plan

Day #22 – HOT team visit

    In the name of honest reporting from the front line, one of the HOT team members just now stopped by (3rd visit since I began hunger strike, including housing assessment lady) and we had a friendly talk about how nice life would be if there actually help for the vehicle dwellers.

    She did, encouragingly, say she’d be back tomorrow with the name of the charity that helps with smog and DMV fees.  I told her the progress made so far.  I also explained my stimulus $ hadnt come in yet, see screenshot below.  I show this just because I need all to know I am using all my resources.   I’m not looking for a free ride.  I tried real hard to get across how much I love my home, and while it’s shabby now, it wasn’t always, and if I can make it out of here, this place will clean up nice.  She agreed we all need more:  I need more services offered, she needs more services TO offer.  What is needed is a piece of the park for the RVs and tents.  We both agreed on that!

    She said she would make phone calls to see if a “Problem Solver” had been assigned.  I have to laugh inside whenever that job title is used.  This time though, I told her what would happen if I were in a little town back home in Louisiana,  in Alabama,  in Georgia: “That sign woulda been out for about 15 minutes ‘COVID widow on a Hunger Strike’ when I would be swarmed with nosy church ladies, bringing a cake or a casserole, slyly taking down said signs, and who would immediately call husband/ father/ brother/ son to come fix my minor problems, there would have been an old-fashioned barn-raising, have this thing smogged before the weekend, taken up a collection for the down-payment for the “Thousands Trails” Elite  pkg (that allows me to stay for 21 days and reserve up to six months in advance). Instead,  I have to face HATE from the neighbors screaming ‘get out of here!’ and sitting on my hands waiting to buy parts and tires and save enough money to get back out to where there ARE campgrounds.”


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