Audio with City Workers

I exercise my First Amendment right to document how the government is operating in my case, per the following rulings:


“The act of making an audio or audiovisual recording is necessarily included within the First Amendment guarantee of free speech and press rights as a corollary of the right to disseminate the resulting recording.”  ACLU v. Alvarez 679 F 3d. 583, 595 (7th Cir. 2012)


“The First Amendment protects the right to gather information about what public officials do on public property and specifically a right to record matters of public interest.”  Smith v. Cumming 212 F.3d. 1332, 133 (11th Cir. 2000)


“A citizen’s right to film government officials inc. law enforcement officers in the discharge of their duties in a public space is a basic, vital, and well-established liberty safeguarded by the First Amendment.”  Glik v. Cunniffe 655 F3d 78, 85 (1st Cir. 2011)


“…the citizen’s activities were peaceful, not performed in degeneration of any law, and done in the exercise of his First Amendment rights.”  Iacobucci v. Boulter 193 F.3d. 14 (1st Cir. 1999)


“assuming a First Amendment right to record the police…” Fordyce v. City of Cumming 212 F.3d. 1332, 1333 (9th Cir. 1995)


California’s Evesdropping law says I can record if I am a party to the conversation and I am gather evidence of a crime, which in this case would be Dependent Adult abuse (negligence per se).

Recordings are admissible in court if they were taken by police. They are also admissible, in some instances, when taken by private citizens.

PC 632 eavesdropping laws do not apply:

  • to law enforcement officers,
  • while they are working in their official capacities.

This means that:

  1. they can record private conversations, and
  2. these recordings can be admitted in court as evidence.

A private citizen can also legally record a confidential communication if:

  1. the person recording is one of the parties to the conversation, and
  2. he is recording the conversation to gather evidence that the other party committed either:
  • a. extortion, under Penal Code 518 PC,
  • b. kidnapping, under Penal Code 207 PC,
  • c. bribery, under Penal Code 67 PC,
  • d. annoying phone calls, under Penal Code 653m PC, or
  • e. any felony involving violence against another person (e.g., murder, under Penal Code 187 PC).

If all of these conditions are met, then:

  • the private citizen can legally record the conversation, and
  • the recording can be admitted as evidence.


Mayor London Breed at the end of her State of the City address, Jan 2021 — since I filed the original complaint on Nov 25, 2020, I certainly felt she thinking about my lawsuit filed for services Nov 25, 2020 after HOT laughed at my request for RV repairs and DMV registration, so I could be on my way.



STEP #1) to the Alice-in-Wonderland that is San Francisco’s Dept. of Homelessness.  This is the call that I made on 6.15.21 to the main number (415) 873-3300 extension 7000. Man flat says there is no help for vehicle dwellers like myself.


This is the City’s sole entry point to be “assessed” in order to get help and more importantly, it’s doing what this fjp_towing-booting_flyer_v5 from SFMTA says is necessary in order to get help once the vehicle IS towed.





Male voice:  “Adult Coordinated Services. Robert speaking. How can I help you?”

Plaintiff:  “Yeah, I was wondering what kind of help is available for people in RVs who have too many tickets?  And they are going to be towed for the tickets?”

Robert:  “Uh.  We help get cars out of the tow.  There’s not really anything we can do for a car that’s going to get towed.”

Plaintiff:  “Okay”

Robert:  “I can tell you what’s required for our help.  License, registration, and insurance.  But there’s a limit to how much we do.  Like it’s 5 or 6 tickets, to my knowledge.”

Plaintiff:  “Okay”

Robert:  “Hmmm mmmm.”

Plaintiff:  “No registration.  Is there any kind of help for that?”

Robert:  “No. You have to have all three. That’s the only way they let us help you.”  

Plaintiff:  “Sorry. I didn’t hear that part.”

Robert:  “Only way DMV lets us help you is if you have license, registration, and insurance.”

Plaintiff: “Okay, if I don’t have registration, you can’t help me?”

Robert:  “No.”

Plaintiff:  “Okay, what do I do to get, like, help as a homeless person in a vehicle?” 

Robert:  “Uhhhh, uhhhh, I’m not sure.  This is a new program, about 6 days ago, with us helping with tickets.  Other than that, before this, I don’t know of any program helping.”

Plaintiff:  “Ohhhh.  I understand. Could you, is there like, uhhh, any charity who could help with the registration?”

Robert:  “Not that I know of.  Like I said, this is the only program I know of like that.” 

Plaintiff: “Yours is just the tickets?”

Robert: “Mmmm.”

Plaintiff: “I have to get registration first?”

Robert:  “Yes.”

Plaintiff: “My husband died so the car was in his name. I’m his legal wife, so does that help?”

Robert: “That shouldn’t be a problem.  But the registration will be a problem. You get that straightened out and we might be able to help.”

Plaintiff: “I have to get that straightened out first?”

Robert:  “Mmmm hmmm.”

Plaintiff: “Thank you for your time, sir.” 

Robert:  “No problem. Have a good one.”



Note that at no point was I invited to be “assessed” by the person who answered the phone.  The process breaks down here (for the vehicle dweller) in their own first step. My personal effort to get “services” starts here.



Next is the tape is the first time I returned a call to the “problem specialist” Regina A. (manager of the team).  The date is April 15, 2021.  She had called me the day before but I was in traffic and had just gotten the bad news at the doctor (that it’s cancer), so I waited til the next day to call her back.




Here I describe how I came to need help. It is clear she tells me that I will be helped.

I explain how I came to be in an unregistered RV. Husband’s death 7.07.20 and my recent breast cancer diagnosis before the first minute is over.


R. “So sorry. Sounds like you are dealing with a lot.”


Me: “Been a really hard 9 months, since he died, yeah. But being back in my home, my RV is like the only stabilizing force, you know…”


R. “Yeah.”


Me: “I was at my daughter’s for three months and her landlord went to evict her because I was there so long and that was up in the mountains in a rural area in a pandemic, you wouldn’t think that would happen. So I went in my tent and SUV in campgrounds the SUV sprang a leak and I came here to San Francisco. I lived here 17 years before so I know people and so forth. Got the SUV fixed. Then the snow came where my daughter was up in the mountains with the RV and getting it back, the RV, the difference was like going back to being a human being, it was remarkable.”


R. “That’s good to hear.”


@ minute 3 Me: “…the cancer … in a pandemic … to shelter-in-place … not being able to get anything but my RV and be like well there’s nothing else for me to do.”


R. “Mmmmm hmmmm”


Me: “There’s no alternative … not just my physical health, but my mental and emotional health. It’s almost like having my husband back, to be in our home. I have to hold onto it in other words.


Her response (once I shut up long enough for a breath of air) was @ minute 3.37  “I understand.  That why I’m calling.  The last time we spoke, you were on the Pacific Highway, right?”   going on to recall we spoke in December or January and to ask if I had moved on since then?


Me: discussion of donations and dishonest mechanics … at the same place…working on brakes and brake lights now working with homeless mechanics


@ minute 5 Me: “Once I get smogged and get my tags, then I can move into a campground, an RV park, which is my goal.”


R. “Right.”


Next topic up for discussion was my plan to utilize the expanded version of Thousand Trails which would give me a place to live I could afford ($145 monthly on my SSI budget of $957). They accepted older RVs (mine is 1996). Water and electric hook ups. Bathrooms. Hot showers. Laundry. Gated RV resort environment with security who rides around the properties. There are 7 in the area.


Then a discussion of my plan to utilize the expanded version of Thousand Trails which would give me a place to live I could afford ($200 monthly on my SSI budget of $957). They accepted older RVs (mine is 1996). Water and electric hook ups. Bathrooms. Hot showers. Laundry. Gated RV resort environment with security who rides around the properties. There are 7 in the area.


We discuss paying DMV for the vehicles to be put in my name, and how the tickets may not be “attached” yet at DMV. I specifically tell her I have appealed the SFMTA denial for me to be in a ticket program (because my husband is the registered owner, not I).


Next, I tell her how there’s pressure on me to get treatment started immediately. Just talking about the stress of the upcoming cancer treatment causes me to go into an emotional tailspin that goes on for a bit. Specifically the sentence “I just want to die in my own home. I don’t have the resources to make that happen.”


@ minute 11.45 Me: “The hatred of the neighbors is unbearable.  Anxiety-provoking. … that’s why I went to Court, to have other eyeballs look at this. … I’m not coming into the shelter system to die.  I don’t have anywhere else. My kids all live in roommate situations. I’m not going to die on their doorsteps. I’m not going into the shelter system. It’s completely unfair that people in vehicles aren’t treated like other people and given resources because we’re easier to fix than anyone else. We are easier. Already halfway there in our own independent ways.”


@ minute 12.58 R. “I understand. You’re making the effort to keep your RV.”


Me: “I don’t even know if I can. They could take it at any time. They could just dump me out of it. I can’t even explain the conversations have with cops. I’ve literally had to say to cops ‘I will turn on the propane bottle and I will blow this thing up before I’ll let you take me out of it and make me die in a shelter. I won’t. My DIGNITY won’t let me do it. It’s completely a human right.”


@ 13.48 R. “I understand. That’s why I’m calling.”


I clarify that I am not suicidal.  I clarify that I am not suicidal. I describe the signs on my RV and describe my hunger strike as a thing between me and God, to give me “Sustenance”.  I babble on and then apologize for babbling.


@ minute 15:58  R.  “…going through a lot…that’s what I’m calling to see, what exactly is it going to take to get you into your campground.  Sounds like a few things: 1) the mechanical; 2) registration; 3) the repairs.  Upgrade to your parking pass is simple part.  What is it going to take to get you in the campground, up and running?  ”


@ minute 16.27  R.  “RV in your husband’s name? What’s it going to take to get it into your name?  Paying off the tickets first?”


@ minute 17.54  R.  “What we should start with, figuring out what you owe for the back registration … finding out what the back registration … finding out what the registration is, because if it’s not registered, you can’t get into campgrounds, right?”


@ minute 18.35  R.  “I know you are dealing with health issues … I do want to help so I think the first thing is finding out exactly what is owed to get you caught up.”


I agree to get the DMV numbers and bring up the SFMTA tickets and I want a payment plan and I appealed the denial (in March).


@ minute 19.50  R.  “Next would be figuring out how we can get somebody out to you in order to get repairs done on your vehicle.”


We discuss how I will need a driver  (at the time I had someone, but that was three months ago).


@ minute 21.04  R.  “Ok, my name is Regina, I am the manager of problem-solving at ECS and I’m going to be helping you figure things out and I’m working with HSH on your case.  First things first, let’s see what you owe on the registration and what would it take to get the registration transferred to your name.  That would be our first step, right?  So let’s figure this out.  This is my direct line.  Feel free to give me a call and we can figure out the next steps from there til we have everything figured out.  So it doesn’t feel so overwhelming, let’s take it one step at a time and we’ll go ahead and figure out that part first.  Does that work?


@ minute 21.50  I bring up mobile mechanic services.  R. does not tell me I have to go to a garage.


@ minute 23.40 is where I mess up:   “I will have my lifestyle back.  I won’t be trapped in the City.”


@ minute 23.45  R. “I definitely want to hear back from you about the registration.”



This next call happened May 5, 2021 twenty (20) days later. I had only the day before gotten the DMV info as she requested the day before. Also I was doing further medical tests and a biopsy in Martinez. Each time I had to leave RV alone and it was extremely anxiety-inducing. Going to DMV was a stressful three hours.



NOTE: There was a 5-minute phone call between us while I was driving, about 20 minutes earlier that I keep referring to and apologizing for.  I only remember being embarrassed for crying to a stranger. I was crying because she told me I had to accept living in an RV park if I wanted repairs and DMV for the RV. Everything prior was about me returning to the “Thousand Trails” camping membership in the Sacramento area that I was in before I was ship-wrecked in San Francisco Oct 16, 2020 (asked the HOT team for help Nov 16, 2020).


R.  “So I got the paper (DMV) you sent over.  You said the repairs are all done on the RV, right?  You’re good to go, move it if you have to.”


At no point have I tried to downplay the mechanical issues, and I don’t understand why she asks it like this.  I answer “I’m not all the way there, but I’m confident we’re there.”


@ minute 1.14  R.  “I do have a meeting this afternoon with the office of Homelessness and Supportive Services HSH and let her know how much is actually owed on your vehicle’s titles and registration and see how er can go about getting that taken care of for you.  See what avenues they want us to go with that.  I just want to let them know that and that we’ll figure the next steps.”


I discuss parking on a property instead of pursuing the Thousand Trails plan due to the upcoming cancer surgeries.  I tell her my plan is now a park (in Clearlake where I have a friend).


@ minute 6.58  R. “When are you planning on doing the surgery?  I think what we want to do is get you somewhere you can recuperate and just relax, like the stress of where you are at now just compounds your recovery.”


Me:  “They have me set up for the first week of June.  I have seven appointments I have to do in Martinez and that’s not including labwork, seeing the oncologist plastic surgeon …”


@ minute 7.53  R. “I’m sorry Ramona you have to go through this.”


Me:  …whenever the parking people come, they’ve come three times in the last few days, I get hysterical.


@ minute 8.30  R.  “So I think, given the short amount of time because like I said we’d like you to be situated somewhere before your surgery so you don’t have to worry about any of this.  L know your recovery is going to take a lot out of you and I don’t want you to have to be running around and doing things worrying about how to keep yourself where you are at so I think in order for us typically the process for us would be to see how much you owe, go ahead and take care of that, but we also do need a place for you to land.  If you have some opportunities you can go look at wherever you want to be and I know you have a lot on your plate right now but I want to be sure we can take care of this as soon as possible you can get out of there because its too much on your plate after surgery … so if you have a place, affordable to you, okay for you to stay there, and your RV is welcome there you can go and find out you have been approved, have a move-in date and then we can go ahead and get that taken care of for you.  It would require for you to make sure that you’ve looked at some options and that you’ve been approved and that you have the green light to move.”


Me:  I clarify I need help with both vehicles.  I start to cry.


@ minute 11  R.  “That’s why we are here … we’re here to supporting whatever way possible and that includes taking care of whatever fees you have … so you have the paper (DMV) for your car, we can do that too – do you know how much ?”


Me @ minute 12.40 I ask if they can help with the deposit and first month’s rent?


@ minute 13  R.  “Absolutely.”


@ minute 14.30  R.  “Well, Ramona, it sounds like you have everything figured out.  We just need to help you with some of the costs and you situated, the sooner, the better, you can find somewhere to park and you have the stress taken off so you can focus on your health/  I think that is the next step.  Let’s do this.  I am going to send an email to HSH and let her know you and I spoke … next step will be clarification around how we can take care of all the fees and stuff and registration.”


Me @ minute 15.36  “I apologize again for falling apart on you earlier,  I’m normally not like that.”


R. reassures me it’s okay and nothing to apologize for.






May 12, 2021 (nearly a month has gone by)


Her first question which I missed on the tape was, “What progress have you made?”


I describe stress and anxiety about finding a place before the towing is reinstituted. Her reply was “Yes, I heard about that.”


She asked how the repairs are going. I am still without help except for sporadic but extremely cheap mechanic work from my homeless comrades. I describe a trip to a tow yard to buy a used blinker unit because I can’t afford a new one and the City has yet to start actually helping (the initial conversation about “getting someone out there to do repairs was at minute 19.50 on the April 15, 2021 video).


I describe listening to SFMTA’s meeting about so-called poverty tows but that they announced a one-time ticket waiver for homeless people. If they did that, I would only owe DMV $652.


She then says “I don’t want you to wait…I don’t want you to worry about the cost. We can definitely cover that.”


Bit later she repeats that same odd statement: “I don’t want you to worry with the costs of everything.” She also goes into how the park must have running water and utilities and some kind of paperwork, not necessarily a 12-month lease but something to show they had a “Resolution “.


Not a really good word to use because it is what the police do when they come throw everyone’s stuff away and make people leave an encampment.


Again, though, she affirmatively uses the phrase: “We can move forward with paying.”


I then circle back to how DMV works and what will be required to get that done. I mention the paper permits used to drive legally to have it smogged. These come after DMV gets paid. At this point I expect her to agree to start processing the DMV because it IS what she had said in our 1st session April 15th would be the first step.


She responds with an appropriate reply about being more comfortable for my (3) surgeries.


I push the issue of the next step being DMV and her reply is “Once you have a place, then what you need to do is set up an account with DMV so we can go online and pay. Otherwise, we will have to go to DMV with you.”






Fourth call May 19, 2021



May 19, 2021 (began these active negotiations for help April 15, 2021 … but in January I submitted my rescue plan via email and was rejected then … so there have been two separate stages here)


I blab on endlessly about how great a miracle this is. So that’s hard to listen to, all that relief in my voice (reader, please note I am uploading these tapes June 21-22, 2021 so by now I realize they have no intention of helping me).


R. wants to know right off if I have the RV repaired. That’s so cold. I am sick, poor, and totally alone. I really think the way she always asks if I have it repaired, I want to say “How on $954 a month?” After coming clean about being at end of my street mechanics’ skill set, I tell her how much anxiety it is for me to try to go to pre-op tests and things I need to be doing because I am worried all the time I’m inside the dr’s that my SUV is being towed.


R. “This opportunity to move to trailer park…”


R. wants to know if I can get RV into this park without paying the registration. “Does he require it?” Needless to say, my heart sank to hear this.


I describe the need to be running and legal in fire country. I say this is a tight, tight market for people of my income.


I also ask her to not disclose to him about my need for a mastectomy.


R. @ minute 9 discusses getting a mobile mechanic and a proper estimate. Action words as in “What would it take to get estimates”. She even suggests YELP as a better source for a mobile mechanic than Craigslist. At no point does she say I have to go to an actual repair shop, as the June 18, 2021 email from the new worker says I have to do. A month later, I’m being told I have to find a “real” shop. This is exactly why I taped them. I am too sick for this kind of treatment.


R. @ 15.30 “Let’s see what we can do … If things go well … I don’t want you to worry about the cost…”


Which is when I knew I was being lied to. When does a government worker ever say that?  Then she goes on about what I need to find out about saving the spot in the park. I tell her that he needs a deposit and 1st month, total of $890. She makes noises that are appropriate, as in “I don’t want you to lose this spot…keep me in the loop…sounds like we are making progress.”


This is the phone call where I hung my head and wept afterwards, realizing they aren’t gonna help me. This is a game they are playing with my life.




Fifth call with “Problem Specialist ”





May 21, 2021 We spend first 2 minutes discussing my new kittens, a gift from my daughter-in-law.


@ minute 1.53 R. gets down to business, using Action Verbs. She describes the proposed assistance as a “one-time investment”.


She asks me to provide recent proof of my SSI income (I did). R. asks if the RV park is pay-by-day or is there a lease available. She seems pretty flexible in her language as to what is needed, as far as paperwork requirements.


I get distracted trying to describe how I couldn’t get to my medical appointments in Martinez (my health insurance is in Contra Costa county). I relate that I have found a mobile mechanic who will do both vehicles and is willing to drive the RV to the smog place. He is also a former smog tech so I feel good about him.


@ minute 8.55. R. “It’s time to get settled.”


She wants to talk to Jerry. Wants some sort of contract, “where you are going, how much will it be?” She asks if he was okay with the year of the RV. Should she reach out or wait for his call?


R. “Things are looking up.”


She asks if I am still having surgery in the first part of June.


@ minute 12 I make a specific statement of fear about how either of the vehicles could be taken. She has no response (re. Payment to DMV).


This conversation ends with her telling me to send the number to the park, so “We can get the ball rolling. ”




Sixth call with the “Problem Specialist”




May 21, 2021 R. calls to say she spoke to the RV park manager and he said I was pre-approved (based on the word of my friends of 12 years). She needed him to send her a lease.


@ 35 seconds R. “We’re still working on the registration but we’re going to have to review the lease anyway… so we’ll need an updated one when you actually do move.”


Her specific words @ 51 seconds were “I really want to put it all in. By June 1st, you’ll have the spot like set in your name and hopefully we can at least working on getting the registration and everything over the next couple of weeks.”


I then tell her that I am meeting the mechanic that night for an estimate. R. says “Great.”


I ask about gas for the drive up. She says yes.


At the end, when I say I have people who are driving me up in a convoy, R. says “Wow. That will be an amazing day.”




Seventh Call w/ “Problem Specialist”





May 26, 2021


R. calling to check on how things are going


Me: I found someone if he is compatible to you all (I go on to discuss the ongoing headache of the brake lights and blinker)


R. she specifically says “Mobile Mechanic services, right?” … … …which rather contradicts what the new worker is telling me now that an actual auto repair shop is necessary to move forward … and where would I find one in San Francisco that will accept an older RV and where am I to stay while it’s being repaired for at least a week??? The mobile mechanic can be done in a day or two and I never leave home.


Me: “not an individual shop”


R. “They come out or what?”


She then switches the topic to say she hasn’t heard back from Jerry. “Really, no rush. Just to hold your space.” You can tell by my response “stuck in limbo” that I want her to be aware I understand I am not really going to be helped.


R. again switches topics and asks how my medical care was going and did I reschedule?  I told her about the MRI on my arm and my concern it was bone cancer. She expressed concern, so I added something about my housing being unstable.


She calls it a lot on my plate and asks me how I am managing. I tell her I miss my husband a lot and having cancer makes me feel mildly desperate but that’s more due to the housing situation. I can’t see my way forward. She wanted to know if I had thoughts of self-harm.


I was beginning to feel gaslit, but are you really, if you KNOW you are being gaslit? She wants to know if my kids are helping. Is this coming from a manual on how to make a recent widow, newly diagnosed with breast cancer, feel even worse?


I told her my kids were devastated and were doing all they could. That they were scared of being on the planet without their mom.


R. “Yeah.”


Me: “This is what we do in life. We get old and die.”


After a bit more of this crap, she says, “At least you have an option, Creekside Cabins.”


I told her how I was grateful for my income w/ SSI ($974) and that I was recently recertified in my disability.


Repairs. Tickets. DMV.


@ minute 9.40   R.clearly says “We can take care of that.”


me: “The stress. My capacity to cope with it is going downhill.”


@ minute 11.35. R. “We want to get you settled…the clock is ticking.”


@ minute 11.56. R. “Where are we with the mobile mechanic?”


me: “I have picked him.”


R. then goes into detail how I must get a full, written estimate in M order for her to process it. I explain I have no money til the first when I get my SSI. She doesn’t offer to arrange it or tell me how to get it done for free. All she says is “We have to see something – what it is we need to see – I don’t want you to worry about the cost.”


There’s that suspicion-inducing phrase coming out a government worker’s mouth. Who ever says that? And why keep saying it when it’s obvious I know by now that nothing is going to happen.


@ minute 18. R. “So we can start the process…”


@ minute 18.55. R. “I’m going to talk to HSH (Dept. of Homelessness and Supportive Housing) as I’m worried about you.”


Convo ends with R. “Do what you can and I’ll be in touch.”



Eighth call with “Problem Specialist”





June 9, 2021


R. got your email. Out of the office. Resolution. Pathway out of your situation. Can’t move forward. Repairs. DMV.


@ minute 1.36 R. “our services depend on resolution.”


Me: “I agreed to the resolution.”


@ minute 3.54 me: medical care leading to the possibility of hospice (compare to her compassion in first 3 or 4 calls, now it’s just a ‘yeah’ or silence…that’s deadly to a homeless, recently widowed, isolated woman with diagnosed breast cancer needing a place to recover from surgery)


@ minute 4.18 me: anxious when I leave RV … talked to Jerry on Sunday … I am still welcome.


@ minute 5.30 me: tows beginning … appreciative you are still working with me


@ minute 5.45 going backward (referring to the DMV not being paid since May 4th I delivered the DMV paperwork)


@ minute 6.04 me: “talking since April 15” (that’s me fulfilling the Dept. of HSH’s requirement of appeal that I must first confront the subcontractor directly and go through “their internal procedure”). I also mention my original plan back in December that I submitted to the court which the very first call with R. referred to and she clearly said “There would be no problem paying for your camping pass.” The reason I filed an admin claim back in March was because in the first phone call with ECH (un-taped), I was told my plan didn’t lead to permanent housing.


@ minute 6.23 R. “Still a go if I can get information from Jerry … a copy of the lease with your info on it (She doesn’t mention the W9 form they had wanted earlier — does that mean he faxed it to them like he said he would ?).


@ minute 7.27 me: “I’m in a holding pattern. There’s no way we can get started on the other aspects of this in the meantime? We know Jerry is a go.”


@ minute 7.36 R. “I don’t have anything from Jerry so like I said it’s all speculation all based on having a resolution so in order to say ‘I’m paying this because Ramona is going to move here then I have to show that this is where you’re going and this is why we need to do this, otherwise I would just be paying for repairs and if your resolution falls through, I’m hoping it doesn’t, I’m not saying it will, but if it falls through then we would not have a resolution and we would be paying for repairs unjustly. And our funders won’t allow that.”


@ minute 10.15 R. says she is moving on to another job and I will be given to the new manager Deneen Jones.


@ minute 13.40 me: “Any leeway?” … “I feel very panicky.”


R. I will reach out to Jerry and tell the new managers.


Only in-person visit made by the Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco, on July 2, 2021 by the 2nd “problem specialist” Deneen Jones.


July 7, 2021. Being denied by ECS. Told to appeal direct to City.



July 8, 2021 1st phone call with actual Dept of Homelessness


Aug 5, 2021 HOT team comes to pick up the RV park’s documents


Aug 29, 2021 another overly long HOT team visit with nothing accomplished


Sept 29, 2021 call with Dept of Homelessness manager because I emailed all the ECS of SF executives.


Sept 30, 2021 same person as day before calls


Sept 30, 2021 the boss of the other (two) workers at Episcopal Community Services. He is the director of Adult Entry there. His name is John Warner. He took over Sept 30, 2021.


Sept 30, 2021 the Dept of Homelessness mgr calls back to say ECS is instructed to complete the DMV and my small SUV is to be included.



Oct 4, 2021 ECS boss arrives for documents to take to DMV; at end of tape he brings up Candlestick “Safe Parking. Explains why ECS never went through with paying the RV park in Mendocino county. Papers were all ready on Aug 20. The switch, without my consent, is fraud when done to a “Dependent Adult”.


Oct 12, 2021 ECS boss man comes out for documents to be (re) signed.


Oct 18,2021 HOT visits.


Nov 5, 2021 HOT visits. This comes in three tapes. I tell them I feel hopeless, deseperate, and downright suicidal, because I see a “Resolution” coming. She listened and called in someone to listen to me: Carole Carbone (3rd tape).


NOTE: in the last minute of this audio, I am not speaking to Ms. Carbone anymore, rather I am addressing a comrade who watched me go to court Nov 25, 2020 about an illegal sweep of the “tent people” on Ocean Beach. Also including the link I promised to send her, but forgot. Then again, she forgot to come out and check on my quasi-suicidal self, too.




Dec 1, 2021 This is the Dept of Homelessness manager for “Problem Soving” trying to deal with me hysterical after I discover – via on-scene SFPD and SFMTA parking officer – that I have been lied to and DMV has not been paid.



Dec 9, 2021 HOT visit



The purge begins Jan 4, 2022. This tape is with SFPD.



The Purge continues — SFPD on Great Highway.



John Warner (ECS) brings me back my DMV paperwork — in response to my outraged email that SFPD are threatening to tow me for being unregistered.



Conversation with Adult Protective Services. She gave me her cell # if I needed to talk. I took that to mean a hostage situation.



HOT Team visit 1.27.22



HOT visit 2.03.22 “No services”



Kim/ HOT 2.03.22 Me @ 1:50 minute I don’t know if I am going to be able to start and move. What’s the City going to do to help me…? Kim: that’s what I asked them. @ 2.04 minute “Our big boss, Mark Mattison, great guy, told me there is nothing he nor HOT can do. I mean when I asked him, what can we do and he said, “They are going to tow.” SFMTA and the City does not care. Me (whisper): Wow. Trina & Kim: Yeah. Me @ 2:38 …and I’m getting hospice, wow. That’s unreal (I repeat three times). Kim suggests getting moved (towed?) closer to Market and Trina says @ 3:05 minute: They really don’t give a fuck. Kim @ 4:07 minute: …plus you have this history with problem-solving and bull shit.


2.04.22 HOT visit #1 I discuss being visited by Supervisor Mar the day before.


talking to friends and others being towed + at end HOT visit #2 on 2.04.22 “no connecting the dots between police and HOT”


HOT visit #3 on 2.04.22 pushing hard for a letter and she did it/ now on my front door


Still 2.04.22 and I am forced to beg an SFMTA officer for help to keep from being towed.


2.07.22 SFPD arrive Officer Richards and Rosiack, Homeless Outreach for Taraval Station — my first meeting with Hospice nurse arrive at minute 4.02 and I have to talk to cops 9 more minutes


2.08.22 HOT – me telling about 72-hour new tow notice + cop harassment day before


2.09.22 1 hour visit with HSH Carol Carbone (lovely lady)


2.09.22 HOT visit who are told where others moved to/ new tow notice for me


2.10.22 call from Carol Carbone (HSH) to help stop pending tow


2.10.22 2nd call from Carol Carbone (HSH) to say tow isn’t going to happen


2.11.21 visit w/ Carol Carbone describing book and community meeting day before re. Tow averted + what is needed to fix RV


2.18.22 HOT brings two new people from “Street Medicine”.


3.04.22 HOT visits the others and I wait my turn to ask what is the plan for me


3.06.22 HOT visits me directly to say there is no update


3.10.22 HOT visits – no news


3.28.22 HOT visits – no news except John Warner is no longer “with” ECS-SF


4.01.22 SFMTA good guy shows me how my SUV (that I drive every day) has been reported as “abandoned” but he pushed “No Merit” button


4.12.22 HOT visits to ask if I need dog food, have sympathy I see hospice people and then they leave


Purge #2 begins May 2022


5.09.22 Think I probably insulted HOT finally but didn’t mean to

Trina @ 1:30 minute “What services are you talking about that you need?”

Me @ 4:45 minute: “I wanna know why when you (Trina) brought all the papers to them when I had done every single thing I was supposed to do got everything you bought them all the papers from the landlord on Aug 20. It was set to go. I could still have had a mascetomy at that point and been, had a chance. And it stopped. Why did it stop? I asked you to go get that answer and I never heard back.” … Trina “John doesn’t work there any more.”

Trina @ 5:09 minute: They were only going to fix the RV you didn’t want to go into a SIP room and they were going to put your thing in a shop and you say you don’t want to go to the TL, remember?

Me @ 5:18 minute: I don’t want to go to the Tenderloin in a shelter-in-place (room) …

Trina @ 5:22 minute: you wanna fix the RV, right? They weren’t going to fix that (pointing to my car). They were only going to fix the (indicates the RV).

Me: I have it in black-and-white they are gonna fix both of them by a mobile mechanic, no hotel involved leaving my husband’s (ashes)

Trina @ 5:40 minute: …they weren’t going to use a mobile mechanic, it had to be a shop.

Me @ 5:43 minute: I have it in writing.

Trina @ 5:47 minute: Well, that’s something you have to deal with at (ECS) directly.

Me @ 5:49 minute: But how do we deal with ECS directly?

@ 24.00 minute I bring up that I think HSH is running a Ponzi scheme. Trina answers back, that’s
when people make a bunch of money which produces such grief in me that I start crying about failure to deliver assistances after I have done all that I was asked to do by ECS-SF and HOT says she did all she could for me, even endangered her job by going above and beyond advocating for me.


5.09.22 More HOT argument (same convo as above) until I say okay, no more, I will appeal


5.09.22 Same day, but higher-up from HOT arrives to talk to me (same guy as on video of 5.05.22)


5.09.22. Second half of convo/ same guy from HOT

HOT (higher up… supposedly) who returns from day before @ minute(s) 11:00 and 15:00 says RV to repair shop and me to a “stabilization room”; also @ minute 8.50 outright threat to tow when I am not inside, affirming the anxiety I have felt all along (@ 16:00 minute “I’ll do that and I’ll be in touch…” — he never came back nor followed through.


6.03.22 Usual HOT team arrives to tell us that a sweep is pending

She says my name was brought up at the meeting.

6.10.22 HOT drops off a client satisfaction survey.


7.9.22 post-meeting w/ residents, SFPD, HSH Emily Cohen, Supervisor Mar: RV ppl (none went to mtg)

Supervisor Gordon Mar 7.09.22 (kindly) talking to a very distressed woman living in her car after attending a meeting of the residents, police, and HSH; again, my name was mentioned and its in the context of a safe parking lot (00:45 seconds)


Stranger at the pharmacy taking about the meeting about the homeless


7.26.22 Final Kiss – off from HOT…their disinterest in me is palatable.









Unlisted video of ride-thru

8.18.22 visit from same men who “swept” me on 8.08.22 still full of empty promises


8.29.22 visit by ECS out to segregation camp with “their” mechanic (part 1 of 2)


8.29.22 same visit (part 2 of 2)


8.29.22 phone call from new ECS manager who wants number to HSH who on 8.09.22 got the same two pages I gave her (at first she didn’t want to touch it!)


This is the entire playlist, starting April 2021.