Homeless Industry

Why the Dept. of Homelessness is Running a Municipal Ponzi Scheme

This is why the residents of San Francisco are so furious at the homeless.   They instinctually know they are being victimized.

See, a person moves to a city or a town or a region and invests in it.  Literally creates ownership of it.  The first (harmless) non-taxpayer is a visitor that goes back to his or her own tax base sooner or later.  The second (harmful) non-taxpayer is the parasitic class that does not pay into the system, commonly called the homeless.

The municipality is appointed all sorts of tasks and dealing with this is just one.  However, here is such a huge and unregulated industry at work, using subcontractors commonly called nonprofits because it’s a nasty task they have, which is to decide which bums and derelicts to invest the tax dollars in and rescue.  Who to house?

So onto how San Francisco’s Dept. of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) is a Ponzi scheme.  The taxpayer-investor is the victim.  The dividend they seek, the dividend being falsely offered is the illusion “something is being done for the homeless”. Each generation of tax payer is forced to invest in the scheme that its municipality through HSH deems the most effective.  This is an opaque agency that has no oversight except a toothless board.  Untouchable.  Its appeals process is a joke.  A closed loop.  The only information coming out of it is what they tell the media to tell the taxpayer-investor.  The victim.

As each annual budget grows astoundingly, welllllllllll, it’s because homelessness is “such an intractable problem”.  The local Supervisors and the police and the fire stations and 911 and 311 and social workers hear the endless constant complaints from the taxpayer-investor but that’s part of their job, to listen.  No skin off their nose.

Now here is where the twist is.  The homeless themselves are just a crop.  Matters not if they thrive and grow and flourish or if they wither unwatered and die.  Indeed, for the purpose of this municipal ponzi, there needs to be visible encampments and unecessary misery for the taxpayer-investor, in order to justify why the budget grows.

Please realize, before I close, HSH earns 7.5% for “administrative costs” and its subcontractors earn 10% for “administrative costs”.  How much does your savings account earn you?  Your money market fund?

The human cost, the misery created, is immeasurable.  Simply because no measure, other than a biannual count of the crop is mandated (in the middle of the night, which is kinda creepy).  But yeah, the Great American Dollar keeps rolling on in for the municipality.

I hope I am around for it when the taxpayer-investor realizes what’s up.

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