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1st blog since the Purge

An article was published yesterday (February 15, 2023) quoting me (and a neighbor) about this gypsy rehabilitation program I was sent to August 9, 2022.

Yes, I said gypsy. Raised in Europe, so that’s part of the problem. The word means Traveller to me, and it’s my way of seeing the world. I am an American-born Scottish Traveller. In Europe, the acronym GRT is used by politicians and NGOs and stands for Gypsy-Roma-Traveller.

I have a standing invitation to write an essay for the UK’s Traveller Times describing what it is to be an American Traveller. In their writer’s guidelines, it states clearly only work by ethnic nomads will be published. More of me @

Here in American, we are lumped in with the homeless.

Back to THIS article though, because I asked the reporter to introduce me as such, but too controversial, I suppose. His take on the internment camp, though, I felt was dead on.

Bayview Vehicle Triage Center woes expose challenge of alternative shelter approaches


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