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    1st blog since the Purge

    An article was published yesterday (February 15, 2023) quoting me (and a neighbor) about this gypsy rehabilitation program I was sent to August 9, 2022. Yes, I said gypsy. Raised in Europe, so that’s part of the problem. The word means Traveller to me, and it’s my way of seeing the world. I am an American-born Scottish Traveller. In Europe, the acronym GRT is used by politicians and NGOs and stands for Gypsy-Roma-Traveller. I have a standing invitation to write an essay for the UK’s Traveller Times describing what it is to be an American Traveller. In their writer’s guidelines, it states clearly only work by ethnic nomads will be…

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    My new book

    This is a casebook I wrote about why it is illegal for San Francisco to be a “Sundown Town” for vehicle dwellers like myself.  The teacher’s edition coming soon.   Out on Amazon @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/1539496023                       To browse in a free flip copy, note 1st two pages are intentionally blank, go to www.anyflip.com/gdpn/yrjf

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    What is “Intimidation of Occupation”?

    Hate crimes against a gypsyTraveller.   I am taking you ALL to court because you scare the hell out of me.  I need my home to die in because I am already very sick. But mostly I am INSANE with the grief of losing my husband (and only friend) of 27 years.  I am not a stable person right now.  And what you did to me Dec 23, 2020 was even more HATEFUL than I had dealt with in Sacramento.  No more.  It stops here.  Now.  On this street.  I am going to make it stop.  I think I am that good of a writer.  We’re gonna see, aren’t we?  …

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    Housing Rights?

    A couple of teenagers just walked by and I heard one say (of my signs), “Housing rights? What does that mean?”  It means that I am stranded in a city that thinks it’s okay to label me a criminal at 10 pm for living in my RV, which has been my home for eight years.  It means I am on a street where the neighbors hate me and have banned “oversized vehicles” because we on their street.  No other reason.  They come and yell outside my door, “I am fighting to get you towed.”  I am here because I have nowhere else to shelter-in-place.  This is a pandemic, for crying…

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    Food Intake these past twenty or so days

    Because Lent is coming next week, and I am extremely religious, it didnt seem right to bear down hard on this hunger strike until afterwards.  Lent is about Christ.  And so therefore  I will continue to adhere to the 1 cup orange or apple juice, 1 egg, 1 bread, 1 TBsp butter, 1 small bottle of kefir in the day.  At night its rice or chicken broth. Handful of nuts. 3 prunes. Two cups of black tea.  And a fish oil based monster vitamin.  Similar to the “Daniel” fast.  All along, I am directing my fast to God, not the political establishment.  I ask His protection while I write.  It…

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    A Foreigner’s Take on My Hunger Strike

        30 days in, I don’t interact much with the public.  This has to be the most low key protest San Francisco has ever had.  And I like it that way.  Ima get what I want, just enough time to repair and go.  What I am doing in court, that’s what counts.  The hunger strike is more of a threatening posture.  It also counts (greatly) with God.  I find that aspect heartening.     So I am outside getting the solar panel hooked up for the day, and an Asian man about my age, very thick accent so I know he isn’t native-born, asks me what it’s all about,…

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    Day #19 almost halfway there

    I set Feb 1 as my goal post because I knew I could easily fast 40 days as I observe Lent every year for the past twenty.       On a practical note, I also set my end date as Feb 1 because that will give me my full SSI check to buy tires, plus pay a driver to get me out of Bay area, and pay all fees.  Goal is to get mechanical work done during the Hunger Strike itself, because its point is to keep neighbors at bay and authorities understanding there IS a gameplan.  Those were the words were used by the last cop I talked…

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    Food intake/ past 10 days

    One of the people I met at homeless encampment seems particularly fascinated by the whole concept of “starving for attention”, as she puts it.   I observe Lent every year for the past 25 years so that gives the ability to say to my body what to do in terms of consumption.   I also know the importance of slowly tapering intake of caffeine, which I am usually a heavy consumer of.   Daily, I have three cups of black tea, with milk and sugar.  If I feel a painful hunger, I eat two to three saltines. I take a spoon of raw local honey (fighting bad tooth infection. Appt in…

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    Why a Hunger Strike?

        Because, frankly, I was terrified by how quickly, easily and communally, I became the object of such disgust and derision that 8 to 10 of the good people of San Francisco who live across the street on Great Highway between Riveria and Santiago,  on Dec 23, 2020 @ 2.45 pm committed a hate crime by coming out their houses, yelling, shouting obscenities and hissing.  Of course I felt very threatened as I was weeping as the RV arrived, with my husband’s ashes in it; the AAA driver was visibly alarmed when I told him that the remains were in there, and he left immediately, neither parking the rig…