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Why a Hunger Strike?

    Because, frankly, I was terrified by how quickly, easily and communally, I became the object of such disgust and derision that 8 to 10 of the good people of San Francisco who live across the street on Great Highway between Riveria and Santiago,  on Dec 23, 2020 @ 2.45 pm committed a hate crime by coming out their houses, yelling, shouting obscenities and hissing.  Of course I felt very threatened as I was weeping as the RV arrived, with my husband’s ashes in it; the AAA driver was visibly alarmed when I told him that the remains were in there, and he left immediately, neither parking the rig properly nor putting the drivetrain back in.


    The visible anger went on while I plastered my RV with hand-lettered signs I am a COVID widow on a hunger strike.  I then stood outside in front of my mobile home, a class c 27′ RV (the object of their rage, delivered to the green curb across the street from their “real” homes), called my youngest daughter on my cell phone to say that I was experiencing what black people felt when a lynch mob formed.  I literally had to yell at the people gathered on the curb across the street that I “would set myself on fire”, if they towed my RV before I could get it out of here.  Not a peep out of them since.


    My RV windows are now covered with hand-drawn signs, including this website, to announce that I am under attack and this is life-threatening,  what the City wants to do to me as an impoverished, disabled (on SSI for mobility issues), a potentially (very) sick 60-year-old woman.  Worst, I was recently widowed after a 27-year-marriage, to my best friend.  His death was cancer but I entirely blame Gov. Newsom for his reckless, callous, possibly-illegal closure March 18, 2020, of state campgrounds, with all county parks also following same no-notice, no-give-a-shit policy.  We were paying guests for nearly 7 months (paid receipts) at Sherman Island Park.


    The day before the closure announcement,  we had paid the week up and used only one night before the brownshirts, I mean Park Rangers, showed up and closed the place down.  Our RV wouldn’t start.  Instead of helping us, or simply allowing us to arrange for help via a mobile mechanic,  we were forced to abandon our RV (home since 2012) and all our possessions in it and go into “Project Roomkey”.  For four months, first in a motel room then a dusty, spider-infested FEMA trailer at CalExpo (Sacramento) until my husband died, July 7, 2020, at 3:16 a.m.; no care, no help, no medical attention, just me to help him die. People in jail have more care. It was horrific.  Other people out there had it worse. Some committed suicide.  At least Greg had me.  But now I am forever haunted by the way he died.



    And how did the DHS accomplish this CRIME of elder abuse (as well as me a disabled adult)?  By threatening to put my 68-year-old husband into hospice against his will.  The Park Rangers (or the DHS worker assigned but whom we never met) filed an Adult Protective Services report on me for abusing my husband because he had liver cancer.  Since he was under care of UCSF liver transplant unit (this link goes to an out-of-date GoFundMe  page  which I set up late 2019 trying to prepare for surgery – all his medical records are there plus photos @ ) and I was signed up to be his live liver donor, until the pandemic stopped that, so I went immediately to court in Sacramento county to protest.  In spite of that pressure point, I was constantly forced to jump through hoops to get motel vouchers.  No other help, not even food. Don’t y’all believe a WORD said about Project Roomkey.   It is nothing but a pipeline to move CARES funding without oversight.


    All the while, all our RV needed to be able to run again was a fuel pump (replaced in September for $800).  Instead, Sacramento DHS spent over $8000 for three months at a motel.  The last three weeks of my husband’s life were spent at the FEMA trailer at CalExpo are described (with details) here @

    Fast forward to when I got heckled on Dec 23, 2020 for 45 minutes and did THIS in response:

“Moscone Center = Genocide” Refers to the downtown convention center where on Nov 18 and Dec 10, 2020, the HOT team and SFPD Paramedic captain #19, Mike Mason tried to get me to go to, a place full of strangers (up to 400) and their pets!
The full sign reads: “I Demand to Die in My HOME”


    Proof of this is on video and is part of the “sweep” on Nov 18, 2020, that happened to me (and a dozen other people) while I was using my small SUV to sleep in and a tent for day use.  It is what I mean by genocide, what I told Captain Mason.




    I am ill.  My muscles are not working right.  My left upper arm has constant pain (I take no pain meds as they make me throw up).  I have a lump the size of a walnut in my right breast.  I have tested positive for Lyme Disease. I have rectal bleeding. Lump down there too.  I bruise horribly for no reason.  I have lost 60 lbs in past 5 months.  But mostly I am ravaged by grief for my husband.  That alone increases my potential to die. Plus I have been MADE homeless by unconstitutional State action for 9 and half months.  I am like a refugee.


    Why would I expose myself like that, go into a congregant shelter, exposed a thousand times more to a virus that could knock me out, when there is no care for people with money, much less someone poor?


    Leave me alone to die in my own home.  I don’t want one of your stupid motel rooms. Gross.  And as far as “services” for the homeless, the HOT team laughed as they were signing me up on Nov 16, 2020.  Best they could do was get a charity to pay for smog and tags and any tickets I incur (three already).  But first, they told me, I had to get the repairs done myself.  NO SERVICES FOR VEHICLE DWELLERS.  This is a violation of the Unruh Act, to deny accommodation to an unpopular group.


    Well, I got a good mobile mechanic I trust coming on Dec 30 (when my SSI check comes in) to put the drivetrain back in (left undone by AAA on Dec 23) when I got my RV back after 5 and half long months, its been up above the snow line in Truckee and the generator had to be sold to pay the extra $350 to tow it here.


    Why here?  Because we lived here 1997 to 2012 and I have friends among the staff at the Sunset Youth Center from all the years my kids went there.  I lived here in a big black Bluebird school bus for 17 years.  All my memories are on this beach.  I have two books on Amazon about those days.


    I have spent last four months living in my SUV, miserable and cramped up, traumatized.   I need my home.  I will live in a tent in front of your beach front condo, otherwise.  The California Coastal Commission controls land use in this stretch.  Park + Rec know that.  SFMTA knows that.  City Hall knows it.  ACLU knows it.  But nobody challenges this SIGNAGE (because that’s all this is if the laws behind the signs are unconstitutional)…I am not going down without a fight.


    Here is what my long-term plans are so you nasty, nasty neighbors don’t think I am homesteading what you think of as your property too (green curb parking).


    My email is Please call your local representative and tell them there is a woman on a hunger strike on YOUR green curb. I simply need time to pay for this by myself.  I don’t expect a dime.  This fundraiser is a way to tell the neighbors to give me time to pull myself up by my own bootstraps.


UPDATE Dec 29, 2020  Day #6


Cop came yesterday and wrote this ticket then came back today to tell me I was going to be towed; the only thing he offered me was (repeatedly) an ambulance.  I was careful to be very calm.



After he left I wrote an angry email to a whole lotta people and then filed for a hearing next week, so I can get my RV back after it’s towed ex parte application 1.8.21 – Google Drive


Blog shows the trajectory of help-or-no-help situation @