finishing the poem


Up at 4am.  Cancer sweats are a real thing.


Practicing my (lifelong) morning ritual of gratitude which is simply writing in my journal, what God needs to hear me say about what He’s done for me in the past 24 hours.


He gave me courage (once again) to confront a corrupt agency simply because He put me back in my home and told me who – and how – to ask for help, because He knew they would say no in a way that incensed me and I would dig down deep and resist.  Yesterday’s email to them included  this PDF 9 months Written Communications with ECS_ HSH_ HOT – Google Docs


His reward was that He made it so I could reclaim this sacred space that is our home, the home we shared before my husband died, that holds his ashes.  He is making sure I have this space to die in.  This home the City deems illegal and unworthy.

Well, before I go, I hope to see what the Unruh Act does to that social theory allowed to run amok since the 70’s.


I love You, God.  You are my Father, my Savior, my Friend, and ALL my Wisdom.  Gratitude always.  💞