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Food Intake/ second ten days

    As I have said to all official people who have asked about my health, I am consuming chicken soup broth; kefir or yogurt; raw honey (due to fighting bad tooth infection); 3 oz shots of milk with a spoon of Orgain protein powder, once or twice a day; a cup of rice before bed so I can sleep, down to 1 cup of black tea with sugar and milk (usually drink 6 to 8).  I take a vitamin.  If I have to do a mentally-intensive thing (like the court hearing), I will take a tablespoon of peanut butter for the protein.  I am not suicidal.   I am angry.


    Also, each official I have encountered, I explain I have religious reasons behind my fast, as this act brings me before God’s throne for special consideration by Him.  The Bible teaches this.  I have a 1st amendment right to fast, both religiously and politically.

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