Day #6 Hunger Strike San Francisco #CGC-20-588010

Ramona Mayon v. City & County of San Francisco, a civil rights action for equal housing rights, in spite of the home of choice having wheels, instead of a cement foundation.  It was filed the day before Thanksgiving.


Got a polite visit from SFPD #1457 who told me that I could expect to be towed at any time (not the police, but DPT).  His advice was that if I was as ill as I said I am, then go to the hospital.   He kept asking if I wanted him to call an ambulance.  Police can be so sarcastic sometimes – always remain calm in face of that.  They teach them that annoying tactic.  Eventually I was able to get across I wasn’t a danger to myself, that this was a legitimate protest.  Alarmed at how easily I could be framed as a lunatic (it doesn’t help that my RV looks identical to the one used as a bomb in Nasville a few days ago), I immediately sent the pre-drafted email to the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, the Homeless Czar, some homeless and housing advocates, local media.


That did ZERO to tamp down my anxiety so I then wrote a simple 2-pg application to the court about what my activism is about to unleash in this City and basically asked him to get ready to “unravel” what the powers-that-be are going to do to me and my property.  Yeah, I told him that I started the hunger strike on the 24th.  I got an ex parte hearing for Jan 6, 2020 at 11 am.  I then sent THAT info to the officials I’d earlier emailed (but not the advocates and media — too many addresses to write).


I kid you not, fifteen minutes later there was a knock at the front door and it’s the HOT team I have been interacting with over at the Great Highway/ Balboa location since I got back to San Francisco Oct 15, 2020. First words she said were, “Can we start over?  Everyone is talking about you.”  No activist on the face of earth in the history of activism ever got such a quick reaction.  If I wasn’t so angry, it would have frightened me.


They want to help me off the street and to the Vehicle Triage Center.  Help me get safe.  I know how the Native Americans felt a hundred years ago listening to the white man’s empty promises.  I wept, yes real tears right in front of them at the mere sound of they seem to be offering. Empty promises.  Safe parking.  What a joke.  The municipality creates a set of unconstitutional laws that fuel hatred and squeeze out an entire class of people and then somehow it works out that a whole bunch of people get salaries (the Homeless Czar, Jeff Kositsky, makes north of $200,000 annually) for doling out “services” to the disenfranchised.  Yeahhhhhh.


I have an intake interview with a “Problem Solver” today at 2pm.


They did bring water bottles (3), hand sanitizer, two packs of the big kind of wipes everyone at the homeless encampment were always going on about, I see what they mean too.  Oh, and another toiletries kit (for the non-existent showers).


I ought to mention again that I am the angriest woman in America because my husband and I were forced into Gov Gavin Newsom’s Project Roomkey (SACRAMENTO) and given no services to return to our RV home so he had to die in a spider-infested horrible FEMA trailer, without medical attention, and no one gave a shit.  I intend to change EVERYTHING about how homeless policy is enacted henceforth.  That’s going to be my memorial to him.






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