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    Purge 8.09.22

    Here are videos and photos of the day the Dept of Homelessness lied to me and said I would be finally helped with repairs and registration. I had been promised this since 4.15.21 (on tape) and over and over (on tape) so why am I being forced to go to the VTC which is next door to a ☢️ radioactive Superfund site? Due to a lawsuit settlement, the City voluntarily signed an agreement with Coalition on Homeless not to tow “occupied RVs”. In the videos, you can tell nobody is even slowed down by that pesky meaningless piece of paper. * * * * * * * * Unlisted video…

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    The Question of Out-of-Towners Getting Social Services in a new County

    The Supreme Court settled this in 1999 in a case specific to California.     “(District Judge Levi) concluded that the statute placed a ‘penalty on the decision of new residents to migrate to the State and be treated on an equal basis with existing residents’  Green v Anderson 811 F Supp. 516, 521 (Ed. Cal 1993)  In his view, if the purpose of the measure was to deter migration by poor people into the State, it would be unconstitutional for that reason.  And even if the purpose was only to conserve limited funds, the State had failed to explain why the entire burden of the saving should be imposed…

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    To the Passersby whom I hear calling to report me and ask for a well-check

    The City refuses to help as of Jan 21, 2021.  I am doing the repairs on my own.  RV is now running again, has brakes again. Tires next. Waiting on stimulus like everyone else.  I remain in fear of being towed.  My husband died in July of liver cancer with COVID injuries. This RV was our home for 8 years & contains his ashes and every memory I have of him. I will be returning to Sacramento valley.   My diet continues to be the same as stated in other blogs.  I plan to hunger strike until I can safely leave here.  I am that afraid of you people.  …

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    Problem Solving Specialist called.

        Let me be clear.  These are my problems and they are pretty damn simple:   Husband of 27 years died six months ago (need grief counseling) RV-home needs mechanic (already paid him $450 these past 4 weeks and he is committed to doing entire project valued in estimate to City that they asked for: $2000 – 450 = $1550 … RV runs now and has been reparked properly half a block from original AAA drop-off Dec 23rd) Two front tires ($600) Panel on front loft needs work ($300) Roof leaks and floor underneath that needs redoing ($700) Smog and DMV Downpayment at campground system so I can stay…

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    Nice cop

    This is mildly alarming. I heard that infernal radio squawk that says a cop is near.  That noise. Ugh. I went out to explain how I had a plan and mobile mechanic is coming Saturday and HOT team is involved but hasn’t said they will help pay… I was rattling on, trying to get ahead of the ticket he was about to write. Before I could get it out my mouth to say it all, he shuts me up and says he will go across the street to tell everyone I have a gameplan. I had to shut up, out of sheer shock. He laughed at the look on my…

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    Day #14 Hunger Strike/ Ocean Beach

    Paper I just filed for court hearing tomorrow (TRO request):Declaration of Ramona Mayon 1.05.21 Also filed as exhibits: Mayon RV Rehousing Plan – Google Drive and Pence Letter — RV Industry Association — March 18, 2020 (Dec 29 filing ex parte application 1.8.21 – Google Drive) About midnight a man, came out and yelled at my RV.  That’s what made me get up and write (again) to the court. This is a hate crime because its about WHAT I am: a vehicle dweller.   City’s response  Opposition to TRO      

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    Ten Days of Fear

    Sunday is a day of rest.  It’s the only one of the commandments I have a hard time with.  About seven or eight years ago, I read a passage in the Old Testament about how infuriated God gets over it, too.  I started really trying to observe the Sabbath.  It’s harder than it looks.   I miss him the most on Sundays.  I feel him constantly,  especially now that I am back in our home, using our things, living in his pajamas. Tiny comfort in the face of how I am being told by police and neighbors that I must leave or be towed.  Well, until next Saturday, I can’t…

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    Day #6 Hunger Strike San Francisco #CGC-20-588010

    Ramona Mayon v. City & County of San Francisco, a civil rights action for equal housing rights, in spite of the home of choice having wheels, instead of a cement foundation.  It was filed the day before Thanksgiving.   Got a polite visit from SFPD #1457 who told me that I could expect to be towed at any time (not the police, but DPT).  His advice was that if I was as ill as I said I am, then go to the hospital.   He kept asking if I wanted him to call an ambulance.  Police can be so sarcastic sometimes – always remain calm in face of that.  They teach…

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