Nice cop

This is mildly alarming. I heard that infernal radio squawk that says a cop is near.  That noise. Ugh. I went out to explain how I had a plan and mobile mechanic is coming Saturday and HOT team is involved but hasn’t said they will help pay… I was rattling on, trying to get ahead of the ticket he was about to write. Before I could get it out my mouth to say it all, he shuts me up and says he will go across the street to tell everyone I have a gameplan. I had to shut up, out of sheer shock. He laughed at the look on my face. He then said the alarming part. He said he would contact HUD to tell them (the residents) to “knock it off”. I do not KNOW who is complaining so I immediately asked him not to go there. I got enough trouble, I told him. He gave me his card then and asked me to keep him updated on the progress of the repair. He was so nice.  I was shaking like a leaf the whole time I was talking. Effect of fasting, no doubt.