The Game Plan

Sweet Progress

    Mechanic came.  I gave him half the donation fund.  He was kind enough to ask if I could afford it, maybe I needed it more?   I was so touched.  I told him immediately that I needed him to keep buying parts and I would make sure I had some money every time I saw him, I am saving for smog fee, then DMV.  Just keep working please just get me out of this hate zone I landed upside in, and I swear I will make it right on the other end of this tunnel.  He is completely on board and I also like how he comes in middle-of-the-night to work discreetly.   He assures me that he would drive it to a smog station as soon as brakes done and exhaust leak fixed and these awful front tires, dry-rotted then frozen, how they are still up, I don’t know.  God’s grace is my guess.


    As soon as we got a hot (new) battery in and cables right (he did the drivetrain reconnect in the dark the night before), it started up on first crank.  A fuel pump and ignition module job was done in the mountains where I had it stored out in the open.  First freeze, it had come down to me.  It’s that simple.  My home.  My husband’s ashes.  Nine-and-a-half months homeless by action of Sacramento County.  My husband of 27 years, my best friend died July 7, 2020 knowing I was going to have to fight tooth-and-nail to get back in our home of eight years.  This is who I am.  The 18 days I have been back in it, I feel my skin growing back on.


    Two front tires, master cylinder, exhaust gasket, smog and dmv.  I can leave then.  Back to the”Thousand Trails ” preserves I was in, Sacramento area and Russian River.   I don’t want to be here.


    This county DHS flat refuses to help, in spite of promising to send a “problem solver”.  I am just going to keep going to court over the lack of help to a COVID widow, already disabled and on SSI,  because this is a violation of the Unruh act, to refuse to assist me,  just because I live in an RV and refuse to go to congregant shelter in a pandemic when I already have serious health issues, thank you very much.


    Guy across the street, where we pulled up away from the super-haters at the section 8 housing units, the real hater is across the street.  He was on his phone outside on the sidewalk about half an hour ago, saying to whomever he was speaking complaining to about the RV, he said, “I don’t know how much more I am going to take of this.”


    Folks, I am one RV, a big white RV, and one single woman across the street on beach front parking for surfers.  He has his sidewalk.  I am on the green curb.  These signs he is yelling to be enforced are put up without permission in 2012.  Permission from who?  The California Coastal Commission,  that’s who controls beach space all up and down coastlines in this state.  And they have previously sided with RV dwellers on this issue.


    I think I will ask them about these signs.  Ruin my life because I am a gypsy.  Ruin my life because I live on wheels.  Ruin my life because you dont want to see me.  That’s apartheid.