Waiting for Court to Start

Sitting here, shaking, because cops were just here. By the time I got my boots on, mask in place and lawsuit in hand, they had already left. But the sound of them out there, the crackle of radios, the sheer threat of them, enough to leave me shaking. They were gone by time I got outside, which made it worse.  This is part of the City’s official response re. a police tow (it’s SFMTA that does/ not SFPD, generally, so this isn’t really what I need for reassurance) Cox Decl with Ex A


Today is my 3rd appearance at 11 am, in the case #CGC-20-588010 and this is my second request for a TRO.  I am asking for this personally, for the City to be restrained from sweeping me, myself and I.  One oversized vehicle, that will be running and re-parked properly Saturday. That’s all.  Some time is what I need.  And the damn stimulus,  which still hasn’t arrived.  But never fear, dear Wells Fargo will let me overdraw sufficient to pay the mobile mechanic.  Wanna help?  GoFundMe here or to use paypal 


This was the first TRO and was admittedly an overreach to ask for sweeps to stop for the whole county until pandemic public health order was over the filing I opened case with is HERE Mayon v CCSF 11.25.20 – Google Docs and also Response to Opposition by CCSF – Google Docs


The judge gave me nearly an hour first time, in a regular law and motion hearing, which was on Zoom conference and I was able to see and be seen (as opposed to CourtCall, like today, just a phone call).  So I am comfortable that he has an idea of “me”.


I crafted this plan, Mayon RV Rehousing Plan – Google Drive and the Prop Q requires offer of only one type of services “Homeward Bound”. Why does Prop Q (which became SFPD Ordinance 169) factor in?  As I waited patiently for my weekend mobile mechanic,  and gathered funds to pay him, to repair an oil leak on my SUV,  I was living days in a tent (staying nights in my SUV for safety) on the edge of an encampment at Balboa and Great Highway, where an old friend of mine lived.  This was from Oct 15 to Dec 23 when the RV arrived from north of Truckee and caused the fine citizens here across the street to turn into a mob and scream obscenities and threats at a sobbing widow who was receiving her husband’s ashes with her RV-home.


Twice in the tent, Nov 18 + Dec 10, 2020 there were sweeps and no notice, no offer of services and the only place being offered for shelter is Moscone Center downtown. I filmed (videos too) … see


I doubt I will get the TRO but I have absolutely established this case as one that shows multiple violations under the Unruh Act for denying EQUAL accommodations and benefits for an unpopular group: that would me, the tent & vehicle dweller.


This is the City’s answer:  Opposition to TRO


UPDATE:  denied TRO as predicted.  Judge asked after my plans and how I planned to execute them.  I got the opportunity to explain that and then finished with saying: “This is for the City Attorney,  twice I have been swept in a tent, and Prop Q says I am supposed to be offered Homeward Bound services.  The HOT team is speaking it, but they aren’t walking the walk.”  I also described and named (first name only) one of the neighbors who has a history of doing things against the vehiculary-housed.  The judge told me to file for a civil restraining order,  but honestly, this guy looks the type to walk through those.  Yeahhhhhh.   Well, on that note, one of the support people has decided to call on her own and express her concerns to local PD about my safety.


The judge told me that the City had made my TRO request moot by the Lt. from SFPD saying there was no plan to tow.  And if so, fees already would be waived.  He was very empathetic and hoped I would communicate properly with all city agencies about Lt. Cox statement.


I am really just … tired.  How do you explain to people what this is like?  I don’t want to live, if I have to live without my home.  Why are there laws that criminalize me or restrict my access to any parking on the beach ???  Why can’t I live like I want to ??? Where are the services ???  Why is there no place to park an RV anywhere in the county for any price … but plenty of green park space, in and of itself ???  I think it’s time we, the vehicle-dwellers, are included in city planning schemes.





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