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    Starting to tell people what has happened to me

    There aren’t really any “services” actually happening. It’s a huge facade, this Dept. of Homelessness and Supportive Housing. It’s an industry and they are doing well for themselves. Not this one, but last article it was 120 staff, adding 80 more. Crisis Timeline: 3.18.20 Newsom closes state campgrounds and counties do the same. The campground we were living in (in the Delta, on Sherman Island) was shut down. Our RV fuel pump went out. Husband 68 w/ liver cancer. We just needed a repair job, or time to get money ourselves. We were made to abandon our RV home of 8 years because the County worker filed a complaint against…

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    It’s a new day.

      Experienced such a hate crime night before last, I moved to a more public spot yesterday. Because I am a gypsyTraveller, see, in San Francisco, it’s perfectly okay and even understandable for a man to come out his “real” house and scream obscenities at my door for hours.  Fireworks were set off three times, too. Grateful to Mo who drove all way from Sonoma to drive the RV to Ocean Beach from Great Highway and Rivera.  That’s where the hate crime happened 8.08.21 from 11pm to 2 am.  And where I have been since Dec 23, 2020 in a litigation-based siege war with Dept. of Homelessness and Supportive Housing…

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    A new low

    In law, this is what is called “a contemporaneous note”.   Every morning I go outside to check around my vehicles, a habit of many years of living curbside.  It was clean and no litter for me to pick up.  That was 8 am.  Then again at 10 am, I took out my own (1) bag of trash.  Walked a block, came back in.  Still litter around my home (the RV).  So up until 10.10 am nothing around my home.   I hear a large truck pull up behind me, idling.  I look out and see a public works truck.  Stays about 2 minutes.  Drives off.  A few minutes pass.…

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    New brief regarding no services for RV dwellers in San Francisco

    Headed to the courthouse with this.  I don’t expect it to succeed.  I just want a memorial to my death. Petition for Writ of Mandate – Google Docs   This is the mayor saying Jan 25th that no services for people like me.  Even the compassionate nurses who promised to get me immediate health care (at least a mammogram) never came back.   And this is where the City is offering me a bed at a congregant shelter with 400 other people downtown:  

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    “I’m going to fight to get your ass towed.”

    8 a.m. some random man just walked up to my living room window and yelled that. Can’t tell if this is the guy from down on Santiago where I was til the brakes got fixed.  Sounds just like him.  But then again, it could be a new guy.  All angry, rich, entitled, white men sound alike.   What is wrong with humanity?  It’s a pandemic.  I am too sick for any of this.  And I miss my husband terribly.  I can’t drive this RV.  I can barely drive the damn SUV.  I just got license in August.   Greg did all the driving.   However, my mobile mechanic will be here…

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    Scary, Angry, White, Rich Neighbor

    Guy in the photo stomping away was yelling at driver of white delivery-style truck: “Why would you park that piece of shit in front of my million-dollar house?”   The driver, a white surfer, just laughed and walked away.   I was already out there with my camera.  I recognized the voice as the same one that yells “Get that RV piece of shit out of here or else!” every three or four nights out his window,  just after 10 pm usually.  As he turned back to glare at surfer dude, I pointed to the HUNGER STRIKE sign in my RV window.  He yells at me, “You will be gone too. …

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    Press Release

             You know how a person in grief becomes unhinged and focuses so passionately on what killed their loved one, they changed some segment of the law or society.  Well, that’s happening to me.  On Dec 23, 2020, at 2:30 pm,  I had enough.  I ate my last meal that night.  Sausage links, melted cheddar on English muffins, a cold can of coca-cola, a big hunk of Safeway’s sock-it-to-me cake (the rest I gave away because I hate to see bakery goods go stale).  Started blogging @ www.ramona-mayon.com/blog-this         I’d rather die than live like this, made a criminal every night at 10 pm because I live on…

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    Waiting for Court to Start

    Sitting here, shaking, because cops were just here. By the time I got my boots on, mask in place and lawsuit in hand, they had already left. But the sound of them out there, the crackle of radios, the sheer threat of them, enough to leave me shaking. They were gone by time I got outside, which made it worse.  This is part of the City’s official response re. a police tow (it’s SFMTA that does/ not SFPD, generally, so this isn’t really what I need for reassurance) Cox Decl with Ex A   Today is my 3rd appearance at 11 am, in the case #CGC-20-588010 and this is my…