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Starting to tell people what has happened to me

There aren’t really any “services” actually happening. It’s a huge facade, this Dept. of Homelessness and Supportive Housing. It’s an industry and they are doing well for themselves. Not this one, but last article it was 120 staff, adding 80 more.

Crisis Timeline:

3.18.20 Newsom closes state campgrounds and counties do the same. The campground we were living in (in the Delta, on Sherman Island) was shut down. Our RV fuel pump went out. Husband 68 w/ liver cancer. We just needed a repair job, or time to get money ourselves. We were made to abandon our RV home of 8 years because the County worker filed a complaint against me with the Adult Protective Services in order to force my husband to accept hospice care. He was on the transplant list at UCSF with me as his liver donor. This county move FORCED us to accept space Project Roomkey in Sacramento. I tried constantly to get back to our RV, but three months later, we were moved to a filthy, spider-infested FEMA trailer at CalExpo;

7.07.20 my husband of 28 years died;

10.14.20 living in my SUV near Ocean Beach (returned to SF because we lived here from 1997 to 2013);

11.16.20 ask City for help;

11.18.20 part of a “sweep” of 15 unhoused people in a mix or RVs, cars, and tents – on video, only offered a cot at Moscone City (in a pandemic);

12.23.20 recovered my RV (alone) and living in it, although still broke-down and now no current tags;

4.14.21 City agrees to help me;

5.04.21. SFMTA announces they will begin to tow unregistered vehicles like mine;

6.01.21 I have jumped through all the hoops and have all the “moving pieces” in place for a move to a Mendocino RV park I can afford $400 on my SSI budget of $957, once I am assisted into it (which requires registered RV);

6.23.21 I had to cancel my mastectomy because City “waiting on paperwork”;

7.09.21 in an email, City approves the plan;

8.02.21 City now wants a new paper from the RV park they never asked for before;

8.05.21 last time I heard anything from anyone. I am sick with worry. Anxiety feeds cancer? Well, mine feasts every day.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to live in constant fear of having your home snatched, I don’t go to my lab appointments or dr visits because I am terror of SFMTA. I pull together a plan, as required. It gets approved and these kafkaesque players keep adding requirements. While I have to put off radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy.


This is a comment I just left at an article about the new plans that are a result of the billion $ (2 years) budget for the “homeless” in SF.  I bet a dollar it doesn’t get “approved” by the moderator. LOL


FUNDRAISER @ https://gofund.me/8731b791


SF homeless czar fields questions in the Mission



PROOF of offer of assistance





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