Homeless Industry,  Litigation

It’s a new day.


Experienced such a hate crime night before last, I moved to a more public spot yesterday.

Because I am a gypsyTraveller, see, in San Francisco, it’s perfectly okay and even understandable for a man to come out his “real” house and scream obscenities at my door for hours.  Fireworks were set off three times, too.

Grateful to Mo who drove all way from Sonoma to drive the RV to Ocean Beach from Great Highway and Rivera.  That’s where the hate crime happened 8.08.21 from 11pm to 2 am.  And where I have been since Dec 23, 2020 in a litigation-based siege war with Dept. of Homelessness and Supportive Housing about whether or not gypsyTravellers are entitled to benefits.

All I know for sure is that I have had to delay breast cancer surgery since 4.15.21 (almost fours months) because the City insisted they would only help me get my vehicles repaired and registered if I took up residency some damn place.

On 6.02.21 all the “moving pieces” were in place.  I had jumped through every kafkaesque hoop they manufactured.   It is (today) 8.09.21.  Not one single thing has been done that they said they would do.  Not even ONE.  Yet this Dept. receives  billions of taxpayer dollars.  That’s the lawsuit, deliberate indifference and outright lying to a 60-year-old woman on SSI with breast cancer, recently widowed in a filthy FEMA camp, literally made homeless by Trump and Newsom’s mismanaged COVID-19 lockdown (not the virus itself).

Seriously.  No one could have been easier to help than me.  😱


Some random dude just yelled out, “I like your sign!”  I saw a flashlight at the front door, moving, obviously reading it.  I thought the cops were here.  You better believe I am up waiting for them, alert, fully dressed, and all paperwork in multicolour see-thru files, so I can easily show them what this forked-tongued City promised, and then we can discuss who and what I am.  The white paper on the black triangle is copy of the above emails.

Yeah, it’s a new day alright.