“I’m going to fight to get your ass towed.”

8 a.m. some random man just walked up to my living room window and yelled that. Can’t tell if this is the guy from down on Santiago where I was til the brakes got fixed.  Sounds just like him.  But then again, it could be a new guy.  All angry, rich, entitled, white men sound alike.


What is wrong with humanity?  It’s a pandemic.  I am too sick for any of this.  And I miss my husband terribly.  I can’t drive this RV.  I can barely drive the damn SUV.  I just got license in August.   Greg did all the driving.


However, my mobile mechanic will be here Saturday night to drive me to another spot to be yelled at like this until I can save enough to get back to the Sacramento valley.


In the meantime,  I am determined to find out who it is you call to “fight to get my ass towed”.  Y’all do realize that the city agencies you are calling have to keep records and I plan on adding every single one of you complainers to my federal Fair Housing lawsuit.   I am an ethnic gypsyTraveller.  You can’t do what you are doing and get away with it anymore.  It’s a hate crime and I’m telling the court.  Writing the paper right now. You see, when you do something that scares me, I send out both legal paper to the local court (where I filed a civil rights case #CGC-20-588010 Nov 15, 2020) but also to a small email list of people interested in what is happening out here on Great Highway.


Personally, I think you all need reporting to the DA’s office.  Pity that would do nothing.  Rather like calling the white sherriff and DA and judge to tell them a black man is walking down “your” street.






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