Homeless Industry,  Litigation

A new low

In law, this is what is called “a contemporaneous note”.


Every morning I go outside to check around my vehicles, a habit of many years of living curbside.  It was clean and no litter for me to pick up.  That was 8 am.  Then again at 10 am, I took out my own (1) bag of trash.  Walked a block, came back in.  Still litter around my home (the RV).  So up until 10.10 am nothing around my home.


I hear a large truck pull up behind me, idling.  I look out and see a public works truck.  Stays about 2 minutes.  Drives off.  A few minutes pass. At 10.25 am, another public works truck in front of me.  This one puts the flashing lights on and goes to work.  I go outside to see whats up.


Someone, in the time it took for me to come in and make a cup of lemon-ginger tea, had deposited shit behind my RV and called it in.  Now it will in “city records”, a black waste incident by my RV.


I told the worker to tell her boss I would be including this incident in the lawsuit.  She looked at me like I was crazy.







No doubt, dear reader, you wonder why I see this differently than you do.  It’s just a Sunday poop patrol, right?

In litigation,  it’s an incident.  Make a pattern, see?

It’s on top of regularly being reported to the police by way of the offended citizens yelling to cops across street or on their phones but where I can easily hear them being passive-aggressive, “Why is she still here?!!!  I am sick of this.”

My offense is being on their street.  I am criminalized for the this everynight at 10 pm.

Someone stops by the RV living room window and honks 5 or 6 times every morning.  Another yells at least one or two times a week, “I’m getting you towed.”

Someone sets off fireworks a few times too.

For a nomad, these are NORMAL events of hate.

RV runs. Brakes work.  Rewiring the lights this Tuesday.   My tags are expired.  I could lose everything at moment’s notice.  I am distraught in my sorrow for my husband and best friend of 27 years. I have cancer symptoms.  I subexist on SSI.  I have no reason to live except these administrative claims I filed last week, and trust me, dry paper and three years in court, no.  That’s not enough to keep me alive.  I am going to make a memorial to him to celebrate the life we had before we came here in 1997 for our wedding.

Your hate for RV dwellers has destroyed my life.  Everything I came here with, you took. You, the City of San Francisco,  and you, its citizens who pay for us to be treated like illegal people.   I have come back to die on the beach he and I lived on for more than a decade in a big black Bluebird school bus.  The beach we loved.



Photo from the most recent firework setting off event.  This went on five nights in a row then stopped.  Previously there were episodes too.  Most are on the roadway, but two were very near my home.  I am exhausted.   As soon I possibly can, I will be gone.  Sooner, than later.