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My Protest is on Cover of SF Street Sheet Feb 1st, 2021

Deep gratitude for the support…today is day #41 of my hunger strike and no end in sight.  No services.  No help.  No care.


As the Jan 25th, 2021 video below of Mayor London Breed shows, any “out-of-towners” like me can just go away now.  I have no doubt in my mind this was a response to my civil rights lawsuit MAYON v CCSF #CGC-20-588010 filed Nov 25th, 2020.  However, the denial of services came on Jan 21st.


That is fine.  I came here knowing I would have to pull myself up by my own bootstraps.  Which is exactly what I am doing (with the help of a very kind mobile mechanic whom I pay every Saturday a small amount and he is willing to work on credit for the remainder; RV running great with a good battery; next are the front tires and a brake job; after that we can smog + do the DMV thankfully no back tickets).


I came here because we lived here 1997 to 2012 and raised our family on this beach.  I know people here.  I know my way around here.  All my memories of my late husband are here.  We got married here. Why wouldn’t I come here to mourn him?  I am planning a memorial here too.


Besides, I have a right to travel.  And according to SAENZ V. ROE (98-97) 526 U.S. 489 (1999) 134 F.3d 1400, London Breed is incorrect in her recent, videotaped statement.


That’s what makes this particular publication, at this precise moment, putting my story on their cover HELP my heart carry on.  It speaks




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MOSCONE CENTER and all congregant shelters = GENOCIDE in a pandemic.  What is wrong with these people?
The full sign reads: “I Demand to Die in My HOME”

Ramona Mayon

Greg Mayon
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