Sunset neighborhood photos and photos of sunsets

5.27.21 and its the week (or two) before I leave here. That’s the plan, anyway.
This is the Great Highway park that is being fought over, regarding reopening or not.
5.27.21 Great Highway and Riveria, Ssn Francisco

Yup. Someone living in there. Sad, dangerous, and begs the question, wtf?

5.21.21 Riveria St.
Love the little trailer
My new mail box on Sloat Blvd. I told the UPS driver moving this pile in that he was America’s hero.
RV remodeling on the fly.

Great Highway and Balboa (but only for 2 days)

First move away from the spot I arrived at 12.23.20 so this proves the RV runs and brakes fine. Moved 5.17.21
That’s my RV in the mirror being moved under it’s own power first time since March 18, 2020
5.17.21 to 5.19.21 = 6 tickets in 2 days so I am going back where I was at Riveria to wait out the process of the “problem specialist” to untie the knot around my vehicles getting into a campground up north
Moving day !!!! 5.16.21
5.15.21 My son repairing the broken panel that was iced over and snapped during the 1st winter storm in the Sierra Nevada … where the RV was stored (Aug – Dec) after my husband’s death. I had it towed in by AAA and been working on it (on my SSI budget and friend/ family help ever since.
me, Ramona Mayon 5.15.21 after a 5-month curbside struggle to save my home…I look it, too.
Few of these signs remain, but the law itself is still in effect. On Ocean Ave, behind a shopping center just past Sunset Blvd.

5.14.21 by the FedEx on Sloat … … … I see…and find…hearts all over … Greg and I lived 17 years on this beach so the memories are thick and quite healing.
I noticed it as I was pulling up. How could I miss it? It’s a completely separate colour. Lime green, almost florescent even. LOL
FedEx on Sloat Blvd
5.08.21 Great Highway and Taraval
Night before Mother’s Day, a day I have traditionally hated since my mom died when I was 19. This cheered me up, though.

Read the words carefully and laugh. Courtesy of Ross on Sloat Blvd.
This I DID buy, courtesy of Ross on Sloat Blvd.
Soooooooo its okay to cook and eat out of a trailer for a pop-up business, fully licensed of course, but its against the law for me to live in my unit?


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