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    My new book

    This is a casebook I wrote about why it is illegal for San Francisco to be a “Sundown Town” for vehicle dwellers like myself.  The teacher’s edition coming soon.   Out on Amazon @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/1539496023                       To browse in a free flip copy, note 1st two pages are intentionally blank, go to www.anyflip.com/gdpn/yrjf

  • Revolutionary Thoughts

    1st blog since the Purge

    An article was published yesterday (February 15, 2023) quoting me (and a neighbor) about this gypsy rehabilitation program I was sent to August 9, 2022. Yes, I said gypsy. Raised in Europe, so that’s part of the problem. The word means Traveller to me, and it’s my way of seeing the world. I am an American-born Scottish Traveller. In Europe, the acronym GRT is used by politicians and NGOs and stands for Gypsy-Roma-Traveller. I have a standing invitation to write an essay for the UK’s Traveller Times describing what it is to be an American Traveller. In their writer’s guidelines, it states clearly only work by ethnic nomads will be…

  • Homeless Industry,  Politics

    Purge 8.09.22

    Here are videos and photos of the day the Dept of Homelessness lied to me and said I would be finally helped with repairs and registration. I had been promised this since 4.15.21 (on tape) and over and over (on tape) so why am I being forced to go to the VTC which is next door to a ☢️ radioactive Superfund site? Due to a lawsuit settlement, the City voluntarily signed an agreement with Coalition on Homeless not to tow “occupied RVs”. In the videos, you can tell nobody is even slowed down by that pesky meaningless piece of paper. * * * * * * * * Unlisted video…

  • Homeless Industry

    Why the Dept. of Homelessness is Running a Municipal Ponzi Scheme

    This is why the residents of San Francisco are so furious at the homeless.   They instinctually know they are being victimized. See, a person moves to a city or a town or a region and invests in it.  Literally creates ownership of it.  The first (harmless) non-taxpayer is a visitor that goes back to his or her own tax base sooner or later.  The second (harmful) non-taxpayer is the parasitic class that does not pay into the system, commonly called the homeless. The municipality is appointed all sorts of tasks and dealing with this is just one.  However, here is such a huge and unregulated industry at work, using subcontractors…

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  • The Game Plan

    How to End Homelessness in 90 days

      Ground Zero:   Acknowledge that since 1971 San Francisco has been – and continues to be – a Sundown Town for gypsyTravellers and other vehicle dwellers.  Rewrite SFPD 97 to comply with Martin v. Boise.  Or better yet, let’s do the right thing, get rid of it altogether because you realize it’s outright discrimination because you studied *our* history. Maybe start with a quick rundown of hate against nomadic people since 1300s, see the last 40 or so pages of my new book out on Amazon: Vehicle Dwellers’ Legal Primer  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1539496023 or for a free flip page version go to www.anyflip.com/gdpn/yrjf  (1st two pages are intentionally blank)   Phase…

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  • Hate Crime

    S.O.S. for the women in Ocean Beach’s homeless community

    The women are being raped out here. This is the beginning of me trying to speak truth-to-power. This is the email I just sent to the Supervisor’s staff who visited yesterday, helping my case at the Dept. of Homelessness be moved along. The Supervisor himself has kindly been out twice. Today, however, things took a bit of a turn. 2.16.22 To Ralph Lane @ Supervisor Gordon Mar Re. matters discussed yesterday I am writing you with the energy of having just been confronted *screaming across the street* by the girl I know to be forced into sexual intercourse multiple times by predatory men. I will repeat in writing what I…

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  • the work

    RV Repair Plan

    “RV Repair Resolution” plan (same plan as I formally presented Dec 21, 2020 and then again — via email — all throughout the summer and fall of 2022, revised 2.11.22): revised Mayon RV Resolution – Google Drive

  • Politics

    The Question of Out-of-Towners Getting Social Services in a new County

    The Supreme Court settled this in 1999 in a case specific to California.     “(District Judge Levi) concluded that the statute placed a ‘penalty on the decision of new residents to migrate to the State and be treated on an equal basis with existing residents’  Green v Anderson 811 F Supp. 516, 521 (Ed. Cal 1993)  In his view, if the purpose of the measure was to deter migration by poor people into the State, it would be unconstitutional for that reason.  And even if the purpose was only to conserve limited funds, the State had failed to explain why the entire burden of the saving should be imposed…

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  • finishing the poem


    Up at 4am.  Cancer sweats are a real thing.   Practicing my (lifelong) morning ritual of gratitude which is simply writing in my journal, what God needs to hear me say about what He’s done for me in the past 24 hours.   He gave me courage (once again) to confront a corrupt agency simply because He put me back in my home and told me who – and how – to ask for help, because He knew they would say no in a way that incensed me and I would dig down deep and resist.  Yesterday’s email to them included  this PDF 9 months Written Communications with ECS_ HSH_ HOT…

  • Gratitude


    Guy just walked by and laughed to his companion,  quoting my only remaining sign: Intimidation of Occupation.   He said “Looks like somebody is pushing back”.  Then he yells, like a rebel cry, “SOLIDARITY!”. Thanks, dude, I need it.   FUNDRAISER @ https://gofund.me/8731b791