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    What is “Intimidation of Occupation”?

    Hate crimes against a gypsyTraveller.   I am taking you ALL to court because you scare the hell out of me.  I need my home to die in because I am already very sick. But mostly I am INSANE with the grief of losing my husband (and only friend) of 27 years.  I am not a stable person right now.  And what you did to me Dec 23, 2020 was even more HATEFUL than I had dealt with in Sacramento.  No more.  It stops here.  Now.  On this street.  I am going to make it stop.  I think I am that good of a writer.  We’re gonna see, aren’t we?  …

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    A new low

    In law, this is what is called “a contemporaneous note”.   Every morning I go outside to check around my vehicles, a habit of many years of living curbside.  It was clean and no litter for me to pick up.  That was 8 am.  Then again at 10 am, I took out my own (1) bag of trash.  Walked a block, came back in.  Still litter around my home (the RV).  So up until 10.10 am nothing around my home.   I hear a large truck pull up behind me, idling.  I look out and see a public works truck.  Stays about 2 minutes.  Drives off.  A few minutes pass.…

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    New brief regarding no services for RV dwellers in San Francisco

    Headed to the courthouse with this.  I don’t expect it to succeed.  I just want a memorial to my death. Petition for Writ of Mandate – Google Docs   This is the mayor saying Jan 25th that no services for people like me.  Even the compassionate nurses who promised to get me immediate health care (at least a mammogram) never came back.   And this is where the City is offering me a bed at a congregant shelter with 400 other people downtown:  

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    Housing Rights?

    A couple of teenagers just walked by and I heard one say (of my signs), “Housing rights? What does that mean?”  It means that I am stranded in a city that thinks it’s okay to label me a criminal at 10 pm for living in my RV, which has been my home for eight years.  It means I am on a street where the neighbors hate me and have banned “oversized vehicles” because we on their street.  No other reason.  They come and yell outside my door, “I am fighting to get you towed.”  I am here because I have nowhere else to shelter-in-place.  This is a pandemic, for crying…

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    To the Passersby whom I hear calling to report me and ask for a well-check

    The City refuses to help as of Jan 21, 2021.  I am doing the repairs on my own.  RV is now running again, has brakes again. Tires next. Waiting on stimulus like everyone else.  I remain in fear of being towed.  My husband died in July of liver cancer with COVID injuries. This RV was our home for 8 years & contains his ashes and every memory I have of him. I will be returning to Sacramento valley.   My diet continues to be the same as stated in other blogs.  I plan to hunger strike until I can safely leave here.  I am that afraid of you people.  …

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    “I’m going to fight to get your ass towed.”

    8 a.m. some random man just walked up to my living room window and yelled that. Can’t tell if this is the guy from down on Santiago where I was til the brakes got fixed.  Sounds just like him.  But then again, it could be a new guy.  All angry, rich, entitled, white men sound alike.   What is wrong with humanity?  It’s a pandemic.  I am too sick for any of this.  And I miss my husband terribly.  I can’t drive this RV.  I can barely drive the damn SUV.  I just got license in August.   Greg did all the driving.   However, my mobile mechanic will be here…

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  • The Game Plan

    On the move again

    Final bit done on this phase of the job.  Moved up three blocks last night.  That felt good.  On Great Highway and Vincente.  Halfway home.  As mechanic said, I kept my word to local cop who likes to “check in” on me.  He’s been coming around or emailing since I began my hunger strike.  I wrote saying I was moving because of hate and told him about the neighbor at Santiago coming to my door and yelling (wrote a blog).   There is a guy outside right now as I type this, screaming in fury into a phone about me. So hey, dude, listen, on here, further below is the…